Name: Jerre van der Hulst
Birthdate: 15-07-1988
Living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Master of Arts – Music Technology


Now: Available for freelance consulting and programming in C++, audio DSP, VST/AU/AAX plug-ins, JUCE, product development, and always happy to spar about these topics for fun

oct 2017 – now: Sole Founder Unimule

mar 2017 – dec 2017: Created and ran card-ordering iOS app Souveny

sep 2014 – apr 2018: DSP and Application Development Audio Ease

feb 2016 – may 2017: DSP programming & Consultancy Prolody

feb 2014 – aug 2014: Graduation Research Audio Ease

sep 2013 – dec 2013: Internship DMIR Lab TU Delft

oct 2012 – jan 2013: Internship Edwin van der Heide

2011 – 2012: Teacher Assistent for Java & Max/MSP HKU

2009 – 2012: Freelance audio engineer in theatres.


Digital Signal Processing for Audio
Software Development
Product Design
Game Design


C, C++(11,etc), JUCE, Matlab/GNU Octave, Python, C#
Git, Xcode, Visual Studio, Unity3D, Code Composer Studio